David Wiseman

American, b. 1981

We’re thrilled to be working with David Wiseman, a renaissance man interested in creating site-specific installations that offer a push/pull relationship with the built environment, shaping the architecture and the experience of space as the work is simultaneously shaped by it. His technique is precise, grounded in history with an experimental edge. From bronze to porcelain, glass and plaster, he masterfully integrates new media into his well-rounded oeuvre.

David Wiseman‘s Dior installation includes a ceiling of more than 500 lily-of-the-valley blossoms cascading down the walls. David completed this high profile commission for the brand’s flagship by Peter Marino in 2011.

Image courtesy of David Wiseman Studio

Wiseman designed this carpet in collaboration with Amini and R & Company to create unique and limited edition carpets that share his unique design language.

Image courtesy of David Wiseman Studio

David Wiseman, Unique collage illuminated sculpture with bronze, porcelain and crystal components, 2013. Commission for Jessica McCormack Jewelry Studio, London, England.

Image courtesy of David Wiseman Studio


David Wiseman, Installation, May 2015.

Featured work includes a unique collage column table that weaves together the artist’s favorite patterns from around the world in bronze with porcelain cherry blossoms and a glass top (2014) and unique collage garden gate doors in cast bronze (2013) in tandem with plaster wall and ceiling pendant installations.

Images courtesy of David Wiseman Studio

This remarkable piece demonstrates the artist’s mastery of material as bronze is integrated into terrazzo to form what will be a working bar.

Images courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

David Wiseman, Cielo De Las Granadas ceiling installation in plaster, porcelain and painted bronze. Commission for a private residence, San Antonio, Texas, 2007

Images courtesy of David Wiseman Studio


Studio Visit, May 2017

Images courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.