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Apparatus Studio

December 22, 2015

Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, the couple behind the incredible design shop.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

Couple Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson were frustrated trying to find lighting for their L.A. apartment – and an idea was born. They began designing lighting, and soon turned the dream into a 25 person lighting studio called Apparatus. The studio was founded in 2012 and has already claimed icon status according to the New York Times Magazine. Their lighting is fantastic and we also really enjoy all of their objects.  

The Cloud XL fixture is created with many hand frosted orbs to create an uneven handmade look. 

Image courtesy of Apparatus Studio.

Inside the Apparatus Studio in New York City. 

Image courtesy of Eye Swoon.

The Trapeze collection from Apparatus.

Image courtesy of Apparatus Studio.  

Apparatus Studio objects. 

Image courtesy of The Gilded Owl.