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Aristeu Pires – Paris Meets Brazil

December 01, 2015

The Duda stool – we just love Aristeu Pires product descriptions so we had to share them. 

“Duda would do anything for you. She’s as dependable as they come; just take a glance at her sturdy solid wood construction. Duda is unpretentious, happy to simply scoot under the table or counter, and her soft seat welcomes you to stay for hours. But that bend in her back always reminds you of her quirky personality. If you ask, she’ll tell you childhood stories of running barefoot in the warm sunshine under Araucaria trees. That’s Duda, the new friend who already feels like an old friend.”

Aristeu Pires brings Parisian design to Brazilian wood. The furniture is all hand-crafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian wood. Aristeu Pires was a computer engineer by trade and left to begin exploring his creativity. From the beginning, his furniture has received numerous awards. His ability to bring contemporary design to natural and sustainable materials is impressive. We particularly like their product descriptions!

The Duda stool installed in a kitchen.

The Gisele chair, winner of the prestigious “Museu da Casa Brasileira” award. And of course we had to share the product description. 

“Daylight is dimming. Endless grassy hills fade gently into the blue of the sky. Gisele reclines on the hilltop with you, full of feminine charm, her raw cotton cording connecting lanky wooden limbs. It’s not hard to understand why this chair was named after the Brazilian supermodel—or was the model named after the chair? Rest in Gisele’s arms once, and you’ll never want to leave. Let her grace ease its way into your everyday routine.”

The Ylla Bench designed with four seats. 

“Feel the gentle rhythm of the river lapping at the edges of your boat. Watch the way the sun gleams on every ripple and makes it shine. Inspired by the design of a native Brazilian boat, Pires’ sleek Ylla bench allows four companions to lazily drift the afternoon away. With its soft waves and satin finish, Ylla embodies an exquisite sunny day on the water and brings it into your home.”

All Images (and product descriptions) courtesy of Aristeu Pires.