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Astrid Dahl’s organic white clay forms

May 01, 2015

South African artist Astrid Dahl uses only white clay. She loves the simplicity and the organic look and feel. We fell in love with these ceramic pieces! Instead of trying to paraphrase Dahl’s words, here is how she describes the love she has for her raw material, clay: “The natural white of this clay quite simply, works for me. We are really down to ‘truth to material’ and I love that this honesty is reflected in that it is ‘hand made’.”

The artist, Astrid Dahl, beside one of her gorgeous, white clay creations.
Image courtesy of: Alexander Lamont Blog

Some pieces from Astrid Dahl’s collection.

Image courtesy of: Southern Guild

Created after Dahl’s prototype, this functional fountain, Anguloa Water Feature literally spells “art comes to life” in South Africa.

Image courtesy of: Southern Guild