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Catellani & Smith lighting

July 22, 2022

Albero della Luce lamp from Catellani And Smith

“Albero della Luce”  – “The Turciù series, the first designed by Catellani, takes its name from the fact that you can twist and shape the flexible arms of these lamps as you wish, making the most of the ability to interact with this lighting fixture.”
Image and information courtesy of Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith was founded in 1989, more than thirty years ago, in Italy. Enzo Catellani’s first two pieces were “Turciu” and “Albero della Luca.” The designer’s hope was to highlight (courtesy of the company’s web site), “the possibility of interaction with the lamp as the object-subject.”

In 1995, “Luci d’Oro” explored the idea of contemplation in regards to the reflection of the color of light, “the golden light of the sun and the fire.” Two years later, the “Stuchu-Moon” collection separated the light source from the illuminating object.  From then onward, the company has continued to successfully push the limits in lighting.

Lederam W

Lederam W. The disc emits a warm color; it is made of a metal base and aluminum discs with nickel joints. The piece is available in a variety of color combinations.
Image courtesy of: Milia Shop

Catellani & Smith’s designers never follow a pattern or specific methodology; their ideas are solely a figment of their imagination and a belief in inspiration. The workshop is a place where elements are “studied to free creativity, breaking down any barriers to it; this is how vortex of light sources come to life and put, in a new and bold structure, create plays and effects previously inconceivable.”

Each part of the process is a function of trained craftsmen and artisans following through on the visions procured by the designers. The piece starts as a prototype; it then gets molded in the workshop. Coincidently, that workshop can be confused for a science laboratory.

Golden Moon Chandelier.

Golden Moon Chandelier
Image courtesy of: Archello

The company was founded by Enzo Catellani on the Balearic Island of Menorah in 1985; the spot was so inspirational that it invigorated an idea to design and produce decorative lamps and everyday objects. In 1992, three years after it was founded, the company’s office and workshop relocated to Villa Di Serio, a small town in Lombardy, Italy. The offices are located inside an old restored mill with stunning views over the hills. Interestingly, production takes place in two distinct areas.

Suspension Globes by Catellani & Smith

“Suspension Globe Lamp” – The globes are made by molding fiberglass. Designers throughout the world love the Suspension Collection because of the shadows it casts when interacting with lights. The chandelier can be customized to include three, five, or seven globes and the globes’ sizes can be either five or eight cm.
Image courtesy of: Retour De Voyage

One of Catellani & Smiths’s most famous lights, “Fil de Fer” was exhibited at the Italian Pavilion the World Expo Shanghai in 2010; it was shown as an example of “Made in Italy” excellence. Many additional awards and accolades were presented to Catellani & Smith in the ensuing years. In 2016, a new outdoor collection was presented; the reception to this collection was very enthusiastic.

The exhibition in Milan featured a giant sphere laying on the ground.

An installation at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.
Image courtesy of: Catellani & Smith

The installation shows a perfect sphere laying on the ground and a ray of light intersecting it. A horizontal and imperfect cut casts a shining brilliance of light on the outside. A big sphere lies on the ground, completely covered by golf leaf… a perfect combination of ancient value and modern technology. We love the possibilities for luxury residential interior design!