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There’s always something new at Studio Job!

May 31, 2016

Not conforming to societal requests has proved beneficial for Studio Job because, quite simply, skirting the line between art and design allow Studio Job to appeal to a large audience. Self-described as “New Gothic”, every expression is a statement”.

The young designers are both graduates of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Job Smeets, a native of neighboring Belgium, met Nynke Tynagel during his last (and her first) year at the academy. Smeets opened Studio Job in 1988, and Tynagel joined forces with him following her graduation. “Exploring the culture of design” is what drives this duo. A theme is present in each collection which eventually takes form by means of 1,000’s of sketches- Smeets sketches by hand while Tynagel renders on screen. Only then does the concise job of fabrication begin in Eindhoven.

Currently 40 museums own works by Studio Job. Recognition grows yearly as auction houses getting hold of these interesting and popular pieces. With an international clientele of collectors, it’s both design enthusiasts and contemporary art collectors who are scrambling to buy these iconic pieces. Likely this spring’s retrospective of the 15-year-old firm, Studio Job: MAD House, will translate positively for these two. We can’t wait to see what’s up their sleeves next… that is, after we obsess over their new mosaic tile collaboration!

This table debuted in 2015 at Miami’s Art Basel. The “Train crash table” displays a tremendous amount of energy and the tabletop is held-up by clouds of billowing gold smoke. Super fun!

Material: polished and patinated bronze, aluminum, 24K gilding

Dimensions: h 90 cm. (high) x 200 cm. (long) x 75 cm. wide

Image courtesy of: Design Boom

This “Perished Collection” bench from 2006 is made from Macassar ebony and Indian rosewood inlays with brass. In 2012, this bench was bought at a Sotheby’s auction.

Dimensions: 79″ X 18″ X 134″

Image courtesy of: Sotheby’s

Studio Job has collaborated with Italian brand, Bisazza, on a wonderful collection of mosaics. Of course, a mosaic featuring the “Perished Collection” was designed in mosaic form. Personally, we love the warm colors and theme behind the “Industry Amber Collection”. Here, elements of Britain’s Industrial Revolution are presented… work tools and steam engines, among others.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen

The dynamic duo manages to focus their attention on detail and freedom of expression with each piece they produce. In today’s age, being in business and continuing to gain fans isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Congrats Studio Job!

Image courtesy of: Designgallerist