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Chicago’s 606

October 15, 2015

When Chicago’s 606 (this city’s version of Manhattan’s High Line) officially opened last Spring, there was much fanfare. The addition of 3 miles of public space connected 4 diverse neighborhoods and serves 80,000 city dwellers within a 10 minute walk! Set on the elevated Bloomingdale Trail, it is a fabulous way to explore Chicago on bike trails. It’s clearly built for the locals, and is the most important open public space to Chicago’s non-lakefront neighborhoods in years.

Arcs on The 606 with lights directed down for both safety and decorative purposes.

Image courtesy of: The Chicago Tribune

The Bloomington trail is the “centerpiece” to the inclusive 606. The 606 is appropriately named for the first 3 numbers in all Chicago zip codes.

Image courtesy of: DNAinfo

Steel distance markers are embedded into the trail at the midpoint. 

Image courtesy of: The Chicago Tribune

Chakaia Booker’s “Brick House” public sculpture of recycled rubber tires was installed on the 606 last week. This 3-ton, 34-foot long, 13-feet wide piece was commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE). Since the 1990’s, Ms. Booker has been recycling discarded tires into these complex assemblages for which she is most widely known.

Bravo!! We’re thrilled to have this piece as a part of the 606 Arts Program.

Image courtesy: DNA Info