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Christian Astuguevieille Visit

February 16, 2015

Christian Astugevieille’s Paris Apartment.

Image courtesy of Furnish Burnish.

On our last trip to Paris, we were thrilled to have the chance to visit Christian Astuguevieille’s showroom, located in the classic Parisian shopping gallery la Galerie Vivienne. The shop is full of his wonderful whimsical pieces that are made of natural rope and sometimes painted cotton rope for bold colors. His pieces add a bit of flare to any interior and bridge the gap between furniture and sculpture in an elegant way. They are unapologetically unique statement pieces that take inspirations from harvest tools, African culture, Egyptian culture, Greek mythological creatures and natural materials. The furniture can be found in the U.S. at the Holly Hunt showrooms.

Christian Astuguevieille was born in Paris in 1946 and considers himself a visual artist. He has worked in many capacities including fragrance, sculpture, jewelry design, object design and furniture design. He has even done collaborations with fashion houses such as Hermes. To learn more about Christian Astuguevieille and his storied career, read this article.

Christian Astugevieille’s Paris Apartment.

Image courtesy of Furnish Burnish.

Christian Astugevieille’s Paris Apartment.

Image courtesy of Furnish Burnish.

Milukan Black Armchair. SLI  loves this!

Image courtesy of Holly Hunt.

Moiste Chair – Fun and playful with pop of color. One of our favorites!

Image courtesy of Holly Hunt.

Christian himself at his showroom in Paris during our visit. 

Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.