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Christian Astuguevieille’s Paris Studio

February 13, 2020

Meeting with Christian Astuguevieille at his Paris atelier was a highlight to our trip!  What a spectacular man with such an incredible eye.  He is an artist who knows himself and all of his creations speak his language without any confusion.

Christian Astuguevieille comfortably discussing his bronze sculptures in his atelier. Christian Astuguevieille (French, b. 1946), Divinité Cuillere, 2018. 37 3/4″ H X 8 1/4″ W X 7″ D, bronze. Edition 1 of 8. Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

His new bronze works are very moving and reference history as only Christian can, with great understanding of history and a twist of clean humor.

A colorful display of bronze sculpture and his famous painted cotton cord objects. Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

As Astuguevieille explained to Elle Decor, he is constantly in need of space for his creations. His studio is a wonderful mélange of his furniture, sculpture, art, and even wallpaper!

Christian Astuguevieille (French, b. 1946), Divinité Cercle, 2019. Painted cotton, 32 7/8″ H X 12 5/8″ W X 12 5/8″ D. Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

Astuguevieille is famous for his exploring different sensory experiences as evidenced his cotton cord wrapped furniture and objects, even his own fragrances! His fascination with world cultures and with rituals is apparent throughout his creations.

Christian Astuguevieille (French, b. 1946), Wall sculpture. Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

Here, this yellow ochre-colored wall sculpture is a unique interpretation of an African tribal mask. The clever use of color is as much a historical reference as the object itself — Yellow ochre is a natural pigment used in ancient and modern cultures alike to paint pottery, wall paintings, and even cave walls.

Christian Astuguevieille (French, b. 1946), Tableaux Jardin, 2018.  Chinese ink on paper. 60″ H X 40 5/16″ W, each. Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

Astuguevieille blurs the boundaries between the ancient and modern, aiming to communicate across cultures through various mediums and textures.

We were delighted to receive this special and personal tour from such a visionary creator!