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Concrete Walls Go Residential

July 20, 2015

We typically associate concrete with industrial settings, although with the right finishes, concrete can be transformed into a residential material. We were recently inspired by Interior Design Magazine’s slideshow 25 Simply Amazing Concrete Interiors to take a look residences that incorporate industrial materials into beautiful residences. 

This is a Singapore interior designed by Park + Associates.

Image courtesy of Interiors Magazine

The use of simple materials to accentuate the views of Lago Maggiore and the Swiss Alps is outstanding.

Image courtesy of Interiors Magazine.

We wanted to share the architecture of Inni Chatterjee paired with the design work of Samiir Wheaton in the Poddar house in Delhi.  This has been one of our favorite pieces of residential architecture for sometime as it skillfully integrates mahogany within the concrete and creates a strong residential feel.

Lekha and Ranjan Poddar’s home in Delhi by architect Inni Chatterjee and designer Samiir Wheaton.

Images courtesy of Taschen’s Indian Interiors, pp. 16-21

Inside the dinning room of the Poddar’s home in Dehli. 

Images courtesy of Taschen’s Indian Interiors, pp. 16-21

And then of course, there is the incredibly talented Tadao Ando, who often borrows water juxtaposed to concrete to add an organic softness.  His wood floors and wooden furnishings also add that element of warmth needed to create a successful concrete residence.

Beautiful Tadao Ando residence, where the concrete allows the views of the ocean to be the focal point.

Images courtesy of Tadao Ando’s Complete Works, 1975-2012

Tadao Ando’s combination of concrete, glass and wood create welcoming yet modern interiors with simple elegance.

Images courtesy of Tadao Ando’s Complete Works, 1975-2012.