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Cyprus is home to the most intimate chapel we’ve seen!

March 23, 2016

Today, as comfortable as we are with the concept of “bigness”, this tiny chapel we came upon in Cyprus gives all those gigantic mega-churches a real “run for their money”.

Designed by architect Michail Georgiou, this chapel is stunning in its elegance and simplicity. No huge icons, sculptures or paintings greet you upon your entrance. Instead, you are instantly surrounded by intimacy and serenity. The two-humped profile is finished off by a curved roofline, which blends effortlessly into the landscape. The steel structural frame and concrete walls are beautifully finished to allow for the surrounding local architecture to shine through. The tall (5.5 meter) front door allows the interior to merge with the exterior, and almond trees compliment the entrance to perfection. 

The Sanctuary Mural is accentuated by the filtered entrance light and the cupola is the perfect resting place for Virgin Mary and baby Christ (along with Seraphim and Cherubim). Whatever you’re searching for, or even if you aren’t searching for anything at all, this newly-completed gem in Cyprus is the perfect spot to relax and reflect.

The architecture was inspired by the local orthodox style with a contemporary edge.

Image courtesy of: ArchDaily, photographed by: Charis Solomou

An example of the “hump” and roofline.

Image courtesy of: ArchDaily, photographed by: Charis Solomou

At nighttime…

Image courtesy of: Deezen, photographed by: Charis Solomou

Image courtesy of ArchDaily, photographed by: Charis Solomou

Perspective Section

Image courtesy of ArchDaily