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Encased frozen flowers?

April 12, 2015

Azuma Makoto, the Japanese “botanicals artist” has managed to pique our curiosity again!  Last year, we reported on an exhibit he did which sent floral arrangements to outer space (Flower Power in outer space!). This year, his “Iced Flowers” exhibition displays encased flowers in large ice cubes. In doing so, Makoto interrupts the natural life span and basically, keeps the arrangements frozen in time. While frozen, there’s no additional blooming and no decaying. Stay tuned, though, because once the ice begins to melt, the flowers warp as if there was no stop in time. Makoto says he’d like to alter the way we look at flowers, and these exotic arrangements displayed as ice pillars certainly accomplish his goal!

For more information, please visit: This is Colossal

All photos are courtesy of: Azuma Makoto

All photographs are taken by: Shiinoki Shunsuke