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Finding his passion within the New Mexico desert

September 17, 2015

In the high desert of northern New Mexico, Ra Paulette is following his passion and honing in on his craft. His “wilderness shrines” are huge and fragile all at once. Paulette carves cathedral-like caves into the sandstone cliffs, taking take years upon years to complete. Initially, there were sponsors who supported Paulette’s work; now, Paulette is on his own, currently working on a 10-year project which he calls his “Magnum Opus”. The fact that he’ll be in his mid-70’s doesn’t deter Paulette, he simply hopes that those who visit will find peace within the walls of this artistic and environmentally-driven wonder!

Within his cave, light filters in providing for a unique juxtaposition between opposites!

Image courtesy of: Buro247

Ra Paulette showing his project giving perspective to the cave’s massive size. Almost unknown until recently, the documentary by Karoff Films, “Cavedigger” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Image courtesy of: CBS News

Sitting on private property, no one really gets much of a chance to see the caves firsthand; perhaps that’s why “Cavedigger” became so popular?

Image courtesy of: Santa Fe