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Focus on Focus Fireplaces

April 26, 2019

Gyrofocus Fireplace.
Created by Dominique Imbert in 1968, this was the first suspended, 360-degree, pivoting fireplace.  The technical design was groundbreaking when it was first introduced, and it continues to be impressive due to its heat efficiency and ease of installation.
Image courtesy of: European Home

We came across an image of a Focus Fireplace in a magazine recently and were impressed by the visually striking design. Founded by French designer Dominique Imbert, Focus Fireplaces don’t believe fireplaces need to be fixed to the ground. In such, Focus Fireplace eliminates the traditional surround, mantel, and hearth, and creates something new and different. Focus has a wide assortment of imaginative fireplaces that are guaranteed to be the highlight of any space.

The history of Focus Fireplace

It was by sheer chance that Dominque Imbert switched professions from a history teacher at a Paris school to shaping metal. Studying literature in London and Paris, Imbert moved to Alaska to be an ethnologist and then an assistant chef in Manhattan. Following those stints, he was awarded a Doctorate in Sociology at the Sorbonne and became a history professor in a Paris lycée.

After the style is thought up, the design phase begins. The Research and Design team works to make the idea, not a workable model. With environmental regulation and efficiency parameters to take into account, this is no simple task. This process can take years of testing and verifying.

With a slender design, the Agroafocus has a diameter of only 63 cm. Especially in this model, ash is easily removed and the heat output matches the model’s aesthetic aura in terms of efficiency.
This glass fireplace is a best-seller.
Image courtesy of: Focus Fireplace

The Focus Fireplace factory is in Theus, within the Cavaillon region of France. The materials used are entirely recyclable and due to the high standards set forth for design and production, models are guaranteed for at least five years.

A telling quote from Focus Fireplace founder Dominique Imbert, “Fire: born of the wind and the night.”
Image courtesy of: European Home

The Hetrofocus Stove is sculpted in raw, polished steel with visible welding seams. Each stove is numbered and signed.

For all models, an anti-corrosion coating or a resistant black paint can be added. Otherwise over time, a hematite rust develops a unique patina on the outdoor designs.

The French brand has 65 different designs for fireplaces, chimneys, and barbecues.
Image courtesy of: Dezeen

Imbert’s designs have been awarded the French National Prize for Creation and are displayed at many world-renowned design museums. In all honesty, we aren’t surprised!