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Giacometti Inspires Ingrid Donat

May 10, 2015

Christie’s announced that Alberto Giacometti’s 1947 life-size bronze “Pointing Man (L’Homme au Doigt)” will be offered for sale. This piece is thought to be the only hand painted work in the total Edition of 6 produced, and consequently, has been estimated in the record-breaking territory of $130 million.

‘As for the sculpture of the pointing man of 1947,’ said Alberto Giacometti, ‘I wanted from the start to make a composition of two figures but when the first was made it was entirely impossible for me to make the second. It was not until 1951 that I had the urge to try and make it and the plaster figure was exhibited at Maeght’s in my exhibition of 1951. It was not what I wanted and immediately after the exhibition I destroyed the plaster figure which was never cast in bronze, it therefore no longer exists… therefore the first figure, the pointing man, will remain on its own.’ Visit Christie’s to read the entirety of the story about this fantastic work!

Property from a Private Collection, ALBERTO GIACOMETTI (1901-1966), “L’homme au doigt,” signed andnumbered ‘A Giacometti 6/6′, inscribed with foundry mark ‘Alexis Rudier Fondeur Paris’, bronze with patina and hand-painted by the artist, Height: 69 7/8 in.

Image Courtesy of The New York Times.

Alberto Giacometti and his sculptures: photograph by Gordon Parks, 1951.

Image Courtesy of Hamburg.

Alberto Giacometti, “Three Men Walking”, Photographed at the Foundation Beyeler in Switzerland.

Image Courtesy of Eloge de l’Art par Alain Truong.

Top; Alberto Giacometti, Figure in a Box between two Boxes which are Houses, 1950 Bottom; Alberto Giacometti, Man Walking in the Rain, 1948.

Images Courtesy of Art Blat.

Inspired by the Giacometti brothers, and in fact told by Diego Giacometti himself that she should pursue her work, is one of our favorite sculptors and furniture makers, Ingrid Donat. Ingrid Donat was born in Paris in 1957 into a family of artists and began creating fabulous sculptural furniture. Each of her pieces is cast in limited editions of 8 at Blanchet-Landowski Foundry under her direct guidance. Inspiration for her materials and colors come from primitive and tribal arts, the elegance of Art Deco, and organic forms of Art Nouveau. 

Furniture artist, Ingrid Donat in her studio. (French, born 1957)

Image courtesy of Alex Cretey Systermans.

Ingrid Donat, Title: Console, 2006, Medium: Patinated bronze and parchment, Size: 43.1” x 65.6” x 24.7”

Image courtesy of Artnet.