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Inside the Whitney

June 13, 2015

A view from inside the Whitney overlooking a Donald Judd sculpture. 

We recently took a tour with the MCA of Chicago of the new Whitney Museum. It was such a wonderful trip and we learned so much about the new building. We learned that the Whitney’s history was rooted in downtown, so the move is a return to their heritage. As many of you have read lots about the new Whitney already, we thought we would share some interesting articles that take a different perspective on the opening. Vogue uncovers the involvement of the Whitney family in the museum and discusses their commitment to the museum, work ethic and the arts. Elle magazine did a fashion shoot with four leading female artists featured in the Whitney collection. They explored the Whitney’s dive into their archives for the first exhibition, “America is Hard to See.” 

The Whitney heirs in the new building. 

Image courtesy of Vogue

Artist JOSEPHINE MECKSEPER in Elle Magazine. 

Image courtesy of Elle Magazine