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John Lyle paves the way with bronze

January 22, 2016

A designer for over 25 years, and prior, an agent for fashion photographers, John Lyle has a lot of experiences to draw upon. What makes him even more interesting is the two lives he’s led: his early years spent in Jackson, Mississippi followed by adulthood in Manhattan. 

Everything he makes is handmade, and he incorporates exotic materials such as shagreen and bronze. We recently fell in love with his bronze vases. His Nubia vases beg to be touched and come in 3 finishes: iridium, polished and brown bronze. Certainly these beautiful shapes can add a little sparkle to any entryway console or dining room table!

This “Nubia” bronze vase comes in three finishes- iridium, polished and brown. The shape and size are perfect for many, many uses.

Image courtesy of: Houzz

Another example of the intricate craftsmanship that is synonymous with John Lyle. We love the brown bronze look of these Nubia vases. The vase was hand-cast bronze then painted and signed. One vase measures 6.5″ (d)  x 13″ (h).

Image courtesy of: 1st Dibs

The man himself… John Lyle.

Image courtesy of: John Lyle Design