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Mepra flatware

January 13, 2021

Stile flatware set by Pininfarina
The set is made in Italy from 18/10 stainless steel and is coated with PVD Titanium Coating.
Image courtesy of: The Luxury Art Mepra

Times like today, where more and more of us are dining at home, call for Mepra! The company was created in 1947 by the Prandelli family; however, their story began years earlier. In 1901, Bortolo, Francesco, and Gianbattista created Prandelli in Italy’s Lumezzane Valley. Near the Rover Gobbia, the factory was able to make use of the water’s kinetic energy for machinery operation.

During World War I, the factory shifted gears to produce bullets for the Italian Army. When the war ended, the factory was converted for other uses and Gianvattista’s three sons: Pierto, Felice, and Giacomo created Mepra.

The Stile Ice Oro 5-piece flatware set.
Image courtesy of: Artemest

The first furnaces were installed outside because the material that needed to be melted during the war and post-war periods contained pieces made of water and gun powder. In 1950, the brothers decided to commit half of their production to making stainless steel flatware. What followed was an enormous success and three years later, they decided to discontinue making brass cutlery.

In subsequent years, Mepra experienced more and more growth, and the company started to widen their product offerings. Even though they remain best known for their flatware, they started to produce crockery, cookware, coffee makers, and also silver-plated stainless steel products.

3-Piece Serving Set, Vintage Champagne from a collaboration with the Italian designer, Angelo Mangiarotti.
As an added bonus… the set is dishwasher safe!
Image courtesy of: ABC Carpet & Home

With a worldwide presence, Mepra is now a leading company exporting to many countries around the world. It is the continuous innovation in both it’s process and products that maintains their outstanding reputation.

Their catalogue of products features more than 8,000 distinct items; and they are committed to presenting one new collection each year. In addition, it is the collaborations with some of Italy’s most important designers that enables the company to stay current and vital in such a competitive industry.

Casablanca 20-Piece Oro Flatware Set.
This set was designed by the English architect Louise Jenkins, taking inspiration from the silverware that was produced during Victorian and Edwardian eras. During those times, cutlery pieces were considered jewels that decorated the table.
Image courtesy of: River Bend Home

The Stile line was designed in 2019 in collaboration with Pininfarina, the design house behind Ferrari, and it is both contemporary and modern. The line features a unique “ice finish” in twenty one colors. Michael Ruvo, the line’s representative said, “That’s another trend we’re seeing. People are looking at this matte ice-finish gold.”

Mepra’s Luxury Art line is different than their typical contemporary and modern pieces in that it features exclusive designs and engravings of special objects, fabrics, and textures. A line can be customized with bespoke patterns and decorations by either working with an in-house designer or by requesting a proposal from Mepra’s designers.

Original Vintage Oval Tray.
Mepra reintroduced its first serve-ware collection from the 1950’s. The past is present in everything, most notably… the special packaging with newspaper.
Dimensions are: 19.6″ (length) x 13.7″ (width)
Image courtesy of: Neiman Marcus

With a “Made in Italy” promise that has been the company’s motto since 1947, the products from Mepra have never seemed more special. With a lifetime warranty, the company stands behind its pieces and continues to inspire us with their ongoing commitment to innovation and quality!