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Minimal modernist Mexican design… love!

August 09, 2016

Finding this new line of furniture was like finding a hidden gem! Luckily, we haven’t missed out on too much as Luteca was launched just last year in NYC by the creative husband and wife team of Amanda and Sebastian Reant. Modernist and contemporary Mexican design was a passion the Reant’s  possessed, and starting Luteca was the way to share their passion with the world.

The design-driven team was inspired after meeting the industrial designer, Alexander Díaz Andersson. This talented Swede grew up surrounded by some of the best mid-century design and craftsmanship in the world. To gain a different perspective, he moved to his mother’s native land of Mexico to get familiarized with the art of true craftsmanship. After the initial meeting between the Reants and Andersson, things moved “quickly”.

Traditional Mexican hand-craftsmanship has a big hand in the amazing final products that the Reant’s produced  In the near future, the intent is to act as a platform for showcasing unknown Latin American designers. Each and every piece is handcrafted and receives an intricate level of finishing from individual Mexican artisans. NOTHING is mass-produced! For example, the stainless steel coffee tables can take up to 300 hours of polishing. We are so excited about this new line… we hope that after reading and viewing the photos, you are too!


A sampling of Luteca furniture.

Image courtesy of: Luteca

The Roos Desk has gorgeous lines and is a perfect example of Luteca’s offerings.

Image courtesy of: Luteca

Luteca’s creative director/designer Alexander Andersson came across the furniture designs of the pioneering Mexican architect, Pedro Ramirez Vázquez, who granted Andersson first-ever access to his furniture design archive right before his death at age 94. An amazing collection of stunning designs never seen by the public before awaited. Luckily, some of these pieces are part of Luteca’s current line!

Image courtesy of: Wallpaper

The husband and wife team of Amanda and Sebastian Reant, together with Swedish-Mexican designer Alexander Andersson. Keep it coming!

Image courtesy of: Twentieth