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Modernist innovation applied to geometric tables

January 05, 2016

Contemporary Brass-Trimmed Cobalt Glass Geometric Coffee Table

Image Courtesy of 1stdibs

Geometry when applied to furniture lends itself to clear function while bestowing an elegant formal purity to its design. Straight lines, curves, and a combination of angles are transformed and enhanced by asymmetry that grants a multiplicity of perspectives, and provides moments of surprise to the viewer in the experience of three dimensions. Standards of innovation, modernism and beauty appear in these geometric tables; enjoy some of our favorites below. 

Above, The Garrido Gallery at PAD London Art & Design Fair featured their Gold Quartz Table, in a Limited Edition of 6. Juan and Paloma Garrido’s workshop honors the legacy of their father, the great silversmith Damián Garrido (1931-2002). 

Image Courtesy of L’Officiel

Hervé Van der Straeten’s workshop is in Bagnolet, a suburb of Paris. Here he manufactures all of his coveted and collectible limited edition pieces in-house, often starting with sketches and scientific calculations: contemporary design made at the pinnacle of quality and innovation.

“I don’t think about tradition—I think about quality. If you want quality, you end up looking to tradition. And if you want to evolve in your design, you have to look to the past. It’s very satisfying to work with a team—it’s nice to see that they are proud, and that it’s a real collaboration.” (WSJ)

425 Console Propagation by Hervé Van der Straeten

Image Courtesy of Ralph Pucci 

424 Bout De Canape Inclination by Hervé Van der Straeten

Image Courtesy of Ralph Pucci 

Console Chaos 430 by Hervé Van der Straeten in plum and red lacquered wood

Image Courtesy of Ralph Pucci 

Fran Taubman lives and works on Shelter Island, NY. Her passion is the fabrication of sculptural furniture, lighting and architectural elements utilizing industrial materials such as bronze copper and steel, revealing the beauty in the assemblage and joinery of metals.

Fran Taubman, Bronze Plate End Table with a hammered bronze base and glass top

Image Courtesy of Ralph Pucci 

Patrick Naggar is a French architect, artist and designer. To him, architecture is a central knowledge, a catalyst of ideas, forms and research required to create spaces and objects to be experienced by the viewer.

Borealis Table by Patrick Naggar

Image Courtesy of Mr. Naggar’s website