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Morgan Williamson’s ceramics

October 03, 2019

Kinfolk Dinner plate. Smooth texture with a raw clay bottom.
Dimensions are: 10.5″ x .75″
Image courtesy of: Handmade Studio TN

A very talented ceramicist resides in Tennessee, she is also the owner of a unique ceramics studio called Handmade Studio TN. Morgan Williamson, the amazing ceramist, has spent her entire life around artists… growing up in a family of artists and attending college to study Fine Art. Williamson says the ceramics classes she took in college were a break from her otherwise hectic life. Getting a “real job” after graduation, she realized that for her, fulfillment came in the form of creating. Taking a giant leap of faith, Williamson bought a kiln from a Craigslist posting and, soon thereafter, founded her studio.

There are five different colors to choose from: Gunmetal, Speckled, White, Gunmetal and Speckled, and White and Speckled.
Image courtesy of: Food 52

With the values of “Handcrafted ceramics for life around the table” leading the team, it is no surprise that each piece looks as though so much love has been poured into it. The idea is that the pieces you chose to put inside your house should be filled with thoughtfulness and beauty… in such, that ideal should translate into your everyday life.

Each and every piece is handcrafted in an organic and minimalistic way. The style is timeless… and the hope is that perhaps it will become a treasured heirloom one day.

The Chamberlin Platter comes in either Gunmetal or Satin.
Williamson calls this a “blate”, meanings it is a bowl that is also a plate.
Image courtesy of: Food 52

Williamson’s first studio was on the side porch of her rental home she shared with her family. From there, she proceeded to take over the guest bedroom, and then the kitchen. Seven years later, Handmade Studio TN opened independently of its founder’s living space. The studio is housed in a collaborative called 100 Taylor Arts Collective. This eclectic spot is a communal building in Nashville; it is also home to a floral design studio, an artisan coffee shop, and many other artist shops.

With a small team, the company has been able to get their handcrafted dinnerware to thousands of ceramic lovers across the country, and also to partner with brands and restaurants in near and far locales.

A stunning tablescape!
Image courtesy of: Handmade Studio TN

Williamson was quoted as saying, “Most artists would probably say that nature is a huge inspiration, and I am no different. The beauty, detail and intricacies of creation encourage me to put thought and love into each piece that I create. I draw inspiration from my travels, where I collect lace and other fabrics that I incorporate in my ceramics. I’m also inspired by the rawness of clay and its ability to turn into almost any form! There is truly something magical about turning a lump of mud into something beautiful and useful. Sometimes I just let the clay lead as I build or design a new piece. Functionality is also an inspiration for my work. Many times, I imagine what I would love to use or see in my own home and let that drive my production. I LOVE that a ceramic vessel is a work of art and also has a daily use. The practical need for a cup to hold your morning coffee is elevated to a meaningful experience of using a vessel that is handcrafted with care. It brings more meaning and joy to life.”

Morgan Williamson at one of her ceramic workshops.
Image courtesy of: Handmade Studio TN

What’s even more amazing about this company is that all their products are 100% functional. This means that the beautiful handmade ceramics, even though they look as though they should be pampered and delicately handled, are in fact microwaveable and dishwasher-safe. That is certainly a selling point in our eyes!