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Muted shades are Stuart Carey’s speciality!

November 06, 2015

British artisan Stuart Carey has always had a love for ceramics. Carey’s hand-thrown pieces are all unique due to the fact that he moves them from the wheel while still a touch wet. The glaze is either sprayed on or dipped onto the vessels… everything is done by hand. The muted shades are gorgeously refined and elegant. Certainly, serving a meal on these tablewares will awe your guests!

International acclaim has, fittingly, found Stuart Carey. A collaboration with Calvin Klein was Stuart’s first international project, which was presented in NYC last summer!

Image courtesy of: Stuart Carey

Stuart Carey hard at work at his wheel.

Image courtesy of: The New Craftsmen

The semi-porcelain stoneware has a more refined look than the 100% porcelain pieces most potters make. And even though his color palette is muted, they are still quite vivid. 

Image courtesy of: Countlan Magazine