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Now this for Nobu?

May 13, 2016

We’re all familiar with Nobu from a cuisine perspective; but now, the superstar chef has teamed up with Arita Plus to create a new tableware collection. Arita Plus is a cooperative of young potters from Japan’s Arita region. In 2016, Arita celebrates 4,000 years as the birthplace of Japanese ceramics. Back in 1616, a group of adventurous Korean potters discovered high quality potter stones at this locations… the rest of kind-of history.

Nobu saw this collaboration as a way to gain global appeal for Arita a tradition that’s been around for 400 years with little exposure to the western world. The exchange of ideas between the potters and Nobu is intriguing and together they found a way to express Nobu’s interpretation of “wa”, the Japanese word for harmony. We love this story almost as much as the tablewares themselves!

The Arita + Nobu Project consists of white plates, bowls, sushi roll holders and a sake set. We love the historical significance of the collection celebrating 400 years of Japanese porcelain.

Image courtesy of: Wallpaper

Arita Plus’ trademark are the red and blue glazes. This collection began when the Japanese cooperative approached Nobu during the middle of 2015.

Image courtesy of: Wallpaper

This dessert plate has several spots for dipping sauces. The white porcelain looks great on it’s own or with additional colors added. Initially sold for the same price as gold, 400 years later there’s still so much integrity to these pieces that it’s no wonder Nobu has decided to sell this “project” in all 39 of is restaurants (which span across 34 cities).

Image courtesy of: Port Magazine

Coming from a long line of artists, the artisans at Arita Plus take immense care to ensure that each piece is unique and perfect.

Image courtesy of: Matsuhisa-Japan