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Then & Now: Pagoda Red & Chambers Fine Art

September 27, 2018

I have been a fan of the Nathan Family for many years now.  Ann Nathan’s Gallery, formerly on Superior Street, was one of my favorite stops in the Gallery district of Chicago!

Now, of course, her daughter Betsy has the esteemed gallery, Pagoda Red.  Betsy has the same magical eye and has been sharing the best of the best Asian architectural artifacts, furniture, and objects for many years.

Pair of Monumental Courtyard Doors, circa 1850. 98″ H X 118.5″ W X 3.75″ D. Image and details courtesy of Pagoda Red.

I went in to take a look at the warehouse and then online, and before I knew it I had 45 items in my basket.  I opened the monumental RED Doors pictured below and the images kept me engaged endlessly.

What a special place.  Thank you, Betsy, for your incredible collection and for sharing it with the rest of the world!!

A sampling of furniture that quickly found its way into my cart! Images courtesy of Pagoda Red.

A variety of cabinets and chests on offer at Pagoda Red. Images courtesy of Pagoda Red.

An incredible array of stone fu dogs, drums, and urns! All images courtesy of the wonderful Pagoda Red.

There is no shortage of special objects…From crystal spheres to scholars stones Pagoda Red has many unique accessories. All images courtesy of Pagoda Red.

Pagoda Red and Chambers Fine Art will host an engaging discussion on Saturday, September 29th, in conjunction with EXPO Chicago 2018. Image courtesy of Pagoda Red.

In coordination with EXPO Chicago 2018, Pagoda Red and Chambers Fine Art will be hosting a lecture Saturday, September 29th –  Then and Now: John Tancock and Helyn Goldenberg in Conversation.

Then and Now will explore continuity and differentiation through juxtapositions of ancient and contemporary works of art. The exhibition will feature a curated grouping of traditional Chinese objects in direct dialogue with well known contemporary artists active in China today.  We look forward to the unique perspectives of Dr. Tancock and esteemed Chicago collector Helyn Goldenberg.

Gama, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles #7, 2012. Oil on canvas, 23.5″ H X 19″ W. Image and details courtesy of Pagoda Red.

We thank Betsy and the Nathan family for their many years of friendship and will continue to celebrate their successes through the years to come!