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Paper porcelain ceramics!

May 06, 2016

Obviously porcelain can’t be made out of paper… but what Scholten & Baijings designed will almost make you believe that it can. This husband and wife team has been designing together since 2000. True believers in the fact that a process doesn’t have to follow strict “from A to B” rules, they’ve discovered that by bypassing traditional routes and getting “lost” along the way, great designs can be created!

Recently, the team came up with a paper prototype which they’ve translated into dishwasher-safe “Japanese” porcelain. An especially developed blend of porcelain allows tiny iron specks to show through, giving pieces the tactile and visual qualities of recycled paper… but much, much prettier! The geometric dishware mimics the original material to perfection. With an interest in “recreating” Arita ceramics and a lot of research along the way, Scholten & Baijings’ colored porcelain collection was born. Even without the Yazaemon Kilm, a Japanese kilm in operation for over 200 years, the dynamic duo was able to reproduce the traditional Japanese color schemes of, light green, red-orange and aquarelle-blue. What beauty!

Shown is a set of mug, tea and coffee cup with saucers.

Image courtesy of: Trendland

“Paper Table” by Scholten and Baijings has a look of both refinement and casual put together. The folded cardboard models for the crockery are translated into light grey, unglazed porcelain cups and plates.

Image courtesy of: Contessanally Blogspot

Paper models…

Image courtesy of: This is Paper

After an initial meeting in 1999, this Dutch duo has gone on to become one of Europe’s most exciting design teams. Quite wanted, Scholten & Baijings has made products for IKEA, Mini Cooper and Herman Miller. What’s next, we wonder?

Image courtesy of: New York Times