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Petri dish inspired tableware?

November 13, 2015

As an artist, Vik Muniz is open to getting inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Interestingly enough, this Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based artist decided that recreating microscopic images of disease-producing bacteria would make fascinating patterns. Muniz’s Petri collecion for the porcelain maker Bernardaud reproduces six strains on 10.5″ plates. Unique, colorful, disturbing and most importantly, beautiful – these plates are stunning to eat off of; and are memorable as focal pieces in your china-cabinet!

The “purple” plate is actually Salmonella, which perhaps you’d rather not know if you are about to fill your beautiful plate with food… if you serve on this plate, perhaps wait until your guests finish their meal before you tell them what this organism is a reproduction of.

Image courtesy of: Wallpaper

Here is another example, where bacteria interacts at a microscopic level about where and when to search for food.

Image courtesy of: Tal Danino

The Petri collection on display.

Image courtesy of: Tal Danino