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Symbolism galore at new Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in China

July 29, 2015

Situated an hour outside of Beijing City, the recently opened Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is a marvel. With symbolism being such an important part of Chinese culture, here are a few of the more noticeable ones! The building’s entrance is in the shape of a fish… fish symbolize prosperity in Chinese culture. The side view resembles a scallop which represents fortune and the front view appears like the “Rising Sun” which represents the fast-development of China’s economy (along with harmony, infinity and unity).

With 10,000 glass panels powered by hydroelectric LED lights, the scene becomes magnetic at night when the Yanshan Mountains, Yanqi Lake and sky’s color are reflected onto the numerous panels. In opposition to the contemporary exterior, the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel strives to emulate a traditional Chinese atmosphere inside- there’s a beautiful teahouse and the spa treatments incorporate the “wisdom of plants, flowers and herbs”.

The semicircular structure, as shown from it’s side view, is overflowing with facinating symbols. Here in particular, this orientation resembles a scallop- the symbol of fortune in Chinese culture.

Image courtesy of: Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

Reflecting into the Yanqi Lake, the glass panels were an ingenious architectual detail!

Image courtesy of: Inhabitat

The lobby of the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel shows a more traditional interior.

Image courtesy of: Sunrise Kempinski Hotel