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Thousands of ceramic shards are combined to create beautiful blooms!

November 14, 2015

Israeli ceramicist Zemer Peled is known for these beautiful “blooming” sculptures comprised of ceramic chards. Recently she has been working with blue and white, inspired by the floral and landscape designs painted on Japanese Igezara plates. Her blooms can be small, or very large cactus-like installations that evoke her own landscape where she lives and works in Montana. We’re thrilled to have seen her on the cover of Ceramics Monthly recently (the best ceramics magazine in the world!) as an emerging artist to watch!  

Zemer Peled uses a slab roller to build sheets of clay which are fired and then smashed to pieces, providing a contrast between smooth and soft materials that go into each piece.

Image courtesy of: Bored Panda

The artist at work, delicately adding piece after piece!

Image courtesy of: This is colossal

… at work, hammering away!

Image courtesy of:  Bored Panda

“Pair by the sea”, porcelain shards, fired clay.

Image courtesy of: This is colossal