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The timeless and ever-present Axel Vervoordt

July 30, 2015

Image courtesy Interiors Magazine, 2015.

Axel Vervoordt is everywhere, or so it seems! Especially now in 2015, as he seems to be taking the world by storm as an important presence at Art Cologne, Art Brussels, Art Basel Hong Kong, TEFAF, and the list goes on. Mr. Vervoordt and his company have been a mainstay in the art, antiques and design communities since 1968, and is known for an intelligently compiled signature “look” – raking light and shadow with natural elements are always present.

Axel Vervoordt Gallery was founded more recently, in Antwerp, 2011 (and in 2014 in Hong Kong), as an extension and an expression of the Axel Vervoordt company’s strong support of two specific movements in the history of art: Post WWII’s German group Zero (for an overview of this important movement on our blog, click here and here), as well as the Japanese artists organized under Gutai (we also blogged about Shiraga and Gutai in 2015 here). The gallery vision has evolved into “a contemporary art with a special interest in the concept of the void, space and time”. Always compiling interesting exhibitions and projects, they are certainly a group to watch.

We were thrilled to visit the Axel Vervoordt Gallery and castle in 2013 as we were ‘in the neighborhood’ for TEFAF. We are even more thrilled to have taken our relationship further as we now work with both the design company and the gallery of Axel Vervoordt, and have had the pleasure of including our clients along for the ride. 

Enjoy photographs from his recent article in Interiors Magazine, as well as some of our personal snapshots to follow.

Axel Vervoordt’s booth at TEFAF, 2013.

Image courtesy: Suzanne Lovell, Inc.

Our visit to Axel Vervoordt’s Gallery.

Image courtesy: Suzanne Lovell, Inc.