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Tubular house in the works!

May 18, 2016

Aibek Almassov wasn’t stumped when a client approached him to design a quiet family retreat in the nearby Kazakhstan mountains. Wrapped around a mature pine tree, the 4-story cylindrical building has sweeping views of the forest, and the only neighbors are the squirrels and birds that reside in adjacent trees. 14 miles away from the nearest city, this weekend retreat uses renewable energy sources, and the only way to reach it is via hiking or biking as no roads lead to the hidden address.

Those who worry about environmental ramifications needn’t worry. The house will be prefabricated at a factory and simply assembled onsite. Furthermore, the tree won’t be impacted because it isn’t actually enclosed and it will continue to have access to water and light just as previously! “Tree in the House” is an idea that might catch on, especially for those searching for an escape from concrete and wood boxes!

Although impossible to mass-produce, this idea is especially attractive because no deforestation is necessary!

Image courtesy of: Bored Panda

This completely glazed and cylindrical structure gives 360-degree views of forest setting. Aibek Almossov of A Masow Architects might be onto something big!

Image courtesy of: Bored Panda

Almassov said that the intent was to provide an alternative to city living while keeping with all the modern amenities that we’re accustomed to.

Image courtesy of: Fast Coexist

Definitely… “A Room with a View”!

Image courtesy of: Daily Mail, UK