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Uniquely crafted

October 11, 2016

Since it’s inception in 2003, Erickson Aesthetics has quietly, yet forcefully, made a name for itself. This Brooklyn-based company with Ben Erickson at the helm is amazing at producing the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind commissions. Everything that Ben and his team touch turn into a piece of art.

There are all sort of unique elements that are incorporated; for example, the way the cooper and brass joinery are implemented into production and the conjunction of a stone base and top by a thin brass stand. It is a different look, and one we want to see more of!

Erickson Aesthetics’ Slung Calf Leather Chair in walnut has copper sabots and joint connectors. The dimensions are generous at 27.5″ (w) x 31″ (d) x 28 (h).

Image courtesy of: Dering Hall

This Pyramid Marble Base Cocktail Table with Telescoping Swivel Post is so elegant. It doesn’t seem as though the thin, sophisticated post could support the solid black Colorfin top. Spoiler alert- it does!

Image courtesy of: Dering Hall

The base is wonderful and a great stand for the side table whose dimensions are: 19″ (h) x 16″ (w) x 12.5″ (d).

Image courtesy of: Dering Hall

Residing near his Brooklyn studio during the workweek, Erickson and his family jet out to a country house in NJ most weekends for peace and quiet! We wonder if he gets his inspiration there…

Image courtesy of: Curbed