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Vetting TEFAF

March 13, 2014

Tonight is the vernissage of TEFAF in Maastricht! It is probably the most outstanding art and antique fair in the world. Situated just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the small town of Maastricht is flooded with international collectors of the highest caliber. So what exactly makes TEFAF so special?

Not only does it bring together many periods in art history, from old masters to contemporary, there is also a wide array of antique dealers and jewelry companies. Aside form the outstanding breadth of the fair, the vetting process of the show is extremely unique. Each dealer is carefully selected through an application process. Then once the dealers arrive with their objects, over 175 international experts in 29 different categories inspect every work of art to insure quality, condition and authenticity! This affords collectors the greatest of certainty that they are purchasing top quality items with expert approval. 

Images from the TEFAF Facebook Page