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Water photographs mimic abstract paintings

May 31, 2015

Hometown Chicago photographer Michael T. Noonan is making the art world take notice. His amazing photographs of bodies of water, all different from each other yet all equally striking. They are perfect examples of what water reflects within varying environments and locales. Raw and unedited, it’s shocking to see what the camera does when water reflects an object… blue is no longer what you’re viewing. These abstract and large-scale images surely make us all envision water in a slightly different way.

2010 Baltic Sea, Riddarfjarden. Stockholm, Sweden (3.6)

Image courtesy of: Michael T. Noonan

2010- North Sea, Skutevic. Bergen, Finland (5.2)

Image courtesy of: Michael T. Noonan

2012- Agean Sea, Chesme Marina. Chesme, Turkey (26.3)

Image courtesy of: Michael T. Noonan