GalerieFebruary 2018

Image from Galerie Magazine website featuring interior design by Suzanne Lovell

Suzanne Lovell’s Masterful Art and Design Tips
By Jacqueline Terrebonne

Suzanne Lovell’s eponymous Chicago-based firm isn’t just about architecture and design. She’s also created an art consulting business that integrates a client’s collection into the design process. For Lovell, art is just as critical in creating an ideal three-dimensional experience as the architecture, furnishings, and fabrics.

As the creator of beautifully layered homes, Lovell understands that what she’s really offering her clients isn’t just a place to live; she says the story is critical to the space as well. As part of that, the designer offers a vision for each of the firm’s clients to grow their collections with pieces from both the primary and secondary markets of fine art, design furniture, and objects.