New York School of Interior Design: HomeJune 2018

New York School of Interior Design:
Home The Foundations of Enduring Spaces

We are delighted to be included throughout this beautifully photographed and highly detailed ‘interior design bible’ from the New York School of Interior Design!

Excerpt from Introduction:
Interior design is equal parts art and science. It is problem solving with an added value: the designer’s unique creative twist and ability to refine solutions with an eye for beauty and empathy. A good interior designer is a problem solver and a storyteller. Her role is to create a narrative for the space – one that will thread it all together. As such, interior design demands both blue-sky dreaming and logical reasoning. Practitioners and amateur design enthusiasts alike need foresight and panoptic vision to keep the big picture in mind, along with laser focus to see how every minute detail clicks into place. But at its heart, interior design is so much more than the sum of its parts. It transcends the selection of beautiful finishes and the creation of custom furnishings. Ultimately, it is about place making: imbuing spaces with meaning and relevance, heart and soul. That’s the very definition of home.

Ellen S. Fisher with Jen Renzi
Photographs by Mark La Rosa