Magnificent Mile Landmark

About This Project

This 7,500 square foot apartment in a landmark Art Deco building in Chicago features an intermixing of bold graphic patterns and iconic modern furniture intermixed with cultural and contemporary pieces.


Trine Søndergaard Photographs

These photographs are two of four in the space by Trine Søndergaard.

Kate Malone

Kate Malone, A Gaudi Snowball Vase, 2008.

Powder Room Wallpaper

Fountainbleau wallpaper by Jackie Kazarian

Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner, Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman (AP-19), 1950.

Ruprecht von Kaufmann

Painting by Ruprecht von Kaufmann

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954) favored this free-form line brush drawing technique towards the end of his life and they were pulled in small editions of 25.  He said “My line drawing is the purest and most direct translation of my emotion.”

“Thank you all so very much for making this beautiful home for us. The process has been incredible from day one to the wrapping up of final, tiny details. Every single member of Suzanne Lovell Inc. has been beyond wonderful.”

—Client, Chicago

“They are to be admired for their good business sense as well as their exceptional design sense.”

—Client, San Francisco