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Editor’s Letter – June 2017

June 01, 2017

Welcome to our all new website!! 

Explore the thousands of details that create the magic within our designs for our residential clients.

Our effort aims to share more of the process, the behind the scenes of a collaboration between architects, interior designers and fine art specialists.

What inspires the architectural language; Why we select the architectural materials; How we create contract documents and specifications; How we select a contractor and administrate construction; How we inspire furniture and fabric selections; How we customize furniture, and facilitate effective purchasing across many clients. What does it really take to provide the professional service that realizes the dream home for each and every unique client?

We have many new images in our PORTFOLIO section, which we have filled with thousands of options of furniture, fabrics, colors and textures that create couture residences.

We are also sharing the incredibly talented TEAM that makes it all happen through a symphony of orchestrated actions.

We have added a FINE ART section, featuring the well-researched dialogue with which we foster the integration of fine art and object into our clients’ residences. The formula of which changes with each new client we meet, with each new artist we discover, and with each new residence we explore.  The placements speak volumes to the character of our collecting clients.

I share a very special thank you to Joana Mendez Koiller as she is the talented designer and user experience guide from San Francisco who shared her brilliance to shape our new site.  Joana gave us the opportunity to share, and we look forward to constantly evolving with new imagery of our people, our process, and our work.

Also, a tremendous thank you goes to Lisa Chiodini, and to Kristin Murphy Romanski, in our office, as they have labored tirelessly to represent our creativity, and will continue to fill the framework of our new website with new and interesting content!!

Sir John Soane believed in the poetry of architecture:

“Think and feel as a poet, combine and embellish as a painter and execute as a sculptor.”

I believe this is what we do everyday at Suzanne Lovell Inc.

Please explore and enjoy, as I am always interested in sharing the dialogue of ideas. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter.


As always, you have my best,