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Glassware for fun!

June 10, 2016

Frenchwoman Marie Brandolino was called, “The Glass Contessa” throughout the isle of Murano… quite a feat for an outsider within an industry that has eons of local tradition behind it. Her passion for glassblowing struck her, kind-of, by chance. Meeting her husband, who oversaw the family winemaking business, Brandolino moved to Venice with him and threw herself into learning the glass trade by apprenticing with local artisans. 

Best known for her “goti” goblet, many new styles have come out of her Laguna B studio. Traditionally, the “goti” was a type of drinking glass that the craftsmen made for their personal use with pieces of leftover glass. These remnants were melted and re-blown at the end of each day. Previously not shared with the public, it was Brandolino who realized the beauty in these tumblers. Personally, we think these glasses bring the fun into whatever you choose to fill your goblet with!

As an interesting aside, Count Brandolini married Marie Angliviel de la Beaumelle in 1987- you can definitely call this couple royalty. The bride’s uncle is a Rothschild and her stepfather is the director of the Louvre, meanwhile, Brandolini is an Agnelli.

This elegant collection is different than Laguna B’s typical, colorful goblets. Beautiful, nonetheless!

Image courtesy of: Laguna B

This is one of the goblets from the “goti” collection. Traditionally, goti glasses were used solely by artisans behind the scenes. Made from leftover and discarded material, it took Marie Brandolino to present these to the public; we’re grateful for that!

Image courtesy of: Laguna B

“The Glass Contessa” in her “country vineyard” in Italy… we are jealous! The pair divides their time between their Venetian palazzo (perfectly situated on The Grand Canal) where they live on the top floor including the rooftop terrace above it, and the Brandolini country estate at Vistorta, in Friuli.

Image courtesy of: Rare Vintage

A goblet from the Filigrana collection, these come in a variety of beautiful colors.

Image courtesy of: Laguna B