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Justina Blakeney + Loloi

July 20, 2020

A “scene” from the collaboration.
Image courtesy of: Loloi

Designer Justina Blakeney is well known for her bohemian style of colorful patterns and bright colors. Blakeney is perhaps best associated with Jungalow, her lifestyle brand that was formed in her tiny living room back in 2009. With a design process that remains 100% organic, many of the collections start from a watercolor that Blakeney may have doodled in her checkbook or drawn on a flight.

The collaboration with Loloi enabled Blakeney to engage in a new medium… rugs. Her signature bold colors and fearless design cumulated in products that are both inspiring and transformational!

Rugs at a countryside factory…
Image courtesy of: Loloi Rugs

For the past two and a half decades, the owner of Loloi, Amir Loloi, has been traveling the Indian countryside in search of the best weavers and craftspeople. Seeing a need to bring those artisans’ works to the United States, Loloi founded the company in 2004.

Loloi says, “If you’re only looking at a finished rug, it’s easy to forget how much craftsmanship is involved. These communities have been doing this for generations and have a deep sense of pride in their craft. Without them, none of this is possible.”

From the Leela Collection- terra-cotta/natural.
Image courtesy of: Loloi

Justina Blakeney has been working with Loloi Rugs for the past five years. Over that time frame, Blakeney says that her design approach has changed; she says that now she places a more holistic approach to rug design. The designer thinks of the entire room and the space the rug will “live in.” Experimenting with new colors, shapes, and designs is what enables Blakeney’s signature boho style to never go out of style and to never grow old!


Justina Blakeney standing on one of her beautiful rug designs.
Image courtesy of: Loloi

New for 2020 are two collections, Playa and Aries. These two collections are quite different from one another; yet they still have one thing in common, they are both made for layering.

The Playa Collection is more neutral, “a bohemian take on the classic natural fiber rug, with subtle colors and unusual textures. On the flip side, the Aries Collection is a line inspired by “California’s unique landscape of city structure meets rolling hills and handwoven by artisans in Indian.”

Pillows were released in conjunction with the rugs’ premier… these pair amazingly with either rug collection. Cyrus Loloi, Loloi Rugs’ principal said, “Though Justina’s collection with Loloi carries a bohemian-inspired aesthetic that is unique to her personal design style, her designs also bring a fresh perspective that is very much in line with Loloi’s mission to offer a range of innovative, well-made, textile-based collections that enhance the interior and exterior areas of any space.”

Green pillow. Dimensions are: 22″ x 22″.
Image courtesy of: Havenly

Loloi Rugs isn’t new to collaborations; the company has already paired up with three other individuals who brought their unique design aesthetics to the company. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines, Ellen Degeneres, and Rifle Paper Co. are the lucky collaborators.

Perhaps the quote best describing the company’s vision is, “Our products are designed for particular people, by particular people. It’s why we obsess over colors. Create new, intricate textures that are made to last. And even often illustrate our own patterns. The result? Beautifully-designed rugs that will look great now—and decades from now.”