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Maker’s Spotlight – Larose Guyon

September 20, 2021

Larose Guyon's skilled artisans at work in the studio

Larose Guyon’s designs carefully handcrafted, manipulated and assembled are the ultimate testament to the expertise, dedication and creativity of the workshop’s skilled artisans.
All images courtesy of Larose Guyon

Larose Guyon designs beautiful light fixtures that are pieces of art. The company’s belief is that “simple, innovative and refined design is ageless and essential to the human experience.” The company was founded in 2015 by French Canadians Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon. When the pair met, Guyon owned his own interior design studio and Larose was working as an interior designer. With different methods and design outlooks, the duo was instantly an organic fit.

Larose Guyon's luxurious 'Velvet Flower' light fixture

Velvet Flower, from the Automne limited-edition collection launched in the fall of 2020, in brushed gold (24k) plated, solid brass & brass fiber leaves.

Larose Guyon says that their designs are inspired by nature and filled with poetry. Perhaps this is as much a function of their location as it is the specific ideas they hold. Their beautiful designs are produced in Vercheres, Quebec, a small picturesque village along the St. Lawrence River. The team of six work side-by-side in a storied 1880 building, the former home to Vercheres’ only general store. The workshop is a place where high attention to detail and ingenuity combine to produce stunning lighting and sculptural works.

Larose Guyon's 'Twilight Waltz' light fixture

Twilight Waltz, also from the Automne collection, in brushed gold (24k) plated, solid brass, brass fiber leaves & Gold plated solid brass chains

The workshop’s surroundings within nature are a never-ending source of inspiration for new, innovative ideas. The area’s history and stunning panoramas provide a path toward creativity and serenity. It is important for the company to ensure the local traditions of quality work and timeless craftsmanship are maintained to the highest degree. Add to that the high-end materials and finishes… the end product is always stunning.

Larose Guyon's 'Coco-02' light fixture in a sketch

A sketch of Coco – 02. Coco is a tribute to Gabrielle Chasnel, famously known as Coco Chanel.

The sculptural lighting fixtures and objects are “a perfect balance between age-old craft and modernity.” The designs often appear seductive; unique in the complicated details that the craftsmen produce. Larose Guyon also finds inspiration in jewelry; just as jewelry is something that is used as embellishment for a body, light fixtures are embellishments for a home. They say (courtesy of International Contemporary Furniture Fair), “We wanted to have a fixture that brings romance to a space and to be as attractive as the atmosphere that they create.”

Larose Guyon's 'Le Royer' Chandelier

Le Royer Chandelier, available in 5 finishes

There is a distinctively romantic aspect to Larose Guyon’s pieces. The designers are masters at producing features that emit a warm light and effervescent shadows. Perhaps it is the wide range of materials that they employ which makes their products unique. With five shades of metal, five different chains options, five distinct cables varieties, and one glass option which is Alabaster White; the sky’s the limit! As they say, “Noble materials tell the story of each object in a superlative form, embracing the natural character of the elements through various finishes, patinas, textures and tones.” It is a story we can read and reread… it never gets old!

The exterior of Larose Guyon's atelier and gallery in Vercheres, Quebec

Located in the centre of Verchères, Quebec, the building was once the only general store. The newly modernized space now houses the atelier and by-appointment gallery.