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Remy Meijer’s simplicity

April 02, 2019

Nosara Table, with wood top and hot-rolled steel tube base.
Image courtesy of: Architectural, photographed by: Rene Gonkel

In 2012, Remy Meijers launched Remy Meijers Collections as an extension of his working philosophy which stated, “If the solution you require does not exist, create it.”

This new furniture and accessories subsidiary originated through his interior design projects. The endeavor allowed Meijers to showcase how his designs are  applicable to a large variety of mediums.

Tonal bowls. These simple bowls are formed from hot-rolled sheet steel, white oiled. Each piece is unique and has individual markings. The bowls come in four sizes.
Image courtesy of: Architectural, photographed by: Rene Gonkel

It is Meijer’s theory that interior architecture comes in all shapes and sizes… thus, the TOTAL vision is what’s most important. Meijers is quite firm in his belief that the “big picture” is the key to everything. Each interior dictates which additional elements it requires; and sometimes Meijers even adapts a space’s physical structure. Interior architecture, according to Meijers, has zero boundaries.

Saladita Table. This solid wood dining table comes in three sizes and can be made in a variety of wood types and oils. Most unique is the table’s exceptional legs!
Image courtesy of: Remy Meijers

If only one word existed to describe Meijers, it would be “simplicity”. Over the past twenty years, the interior architect has been on a quest to find “perfect balance”. Perhaps part of what makes his designs appear so effortless is Meijer’s philosophy: accessories and furniture are not separate elements but rather parts of a collective whole.

This essence has been present for years and began while Meijers was studying at the Department of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. It was here where Meijers learned to scale his designs down to their very essence.

Meijers renovated the 16-room Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam. The use of subtle colors set the tone for the makeover; and tension was added by contrasting materials.
Image courtesy of: Remy Meijers

When your aesthetic is so clear, it’s easy to see inspiration in everything. Meijers looks at a building and envisions it naked… stripped of everything it instantly becomes a blank slate. From there, he chooses materials which are unique in their appearance and/or texture; for example, natural stone, wood, fabric, concrete, and glass all enhance one another.

For Meijers, quality is paramount and quantity is secondary. In such, the projects that he chooses and the collections he creates are a direct reflection of his oeuvre.

Remy Meijers, photographed in one of his projects.
Image courtesy of: Salon Residence

A perfect match is the basis of Meijers’ starting point. In such, he strongly prefers to work with products that he designed himself. Working with the industry’s top companies, he shares a vision. Together, Meijers and the producer aim for the highest possible quality. This extra layer is what makes his projects and collections different from everyone else’s.