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Zemer Peled + Bernardaud

April 08, 2019

Round Tart Plater, 13″.
Image courtesy of: Bernardaud

In the past, Bernardaud collaborated with established artists such as Marc Chagall, Jeff Koons, and Marina Abramovic. We love that recently, the timeless porcelain manufacturer collaborated with Israeli artist Zemer Peled. Traditionally, Peled works with repurposing shards of porcelain… recreating something different from its original context. Spending some time at Manufacture Bernardaud allowed Peled to step outside her rather large box!

Even though her process was a bit different than before, Peled’s end result was the same- intriguing beauty! The idea to have Peled collaborate with Bernardaud was pure genius!

Deep Salad Bowl, 10.5″.
Image courtesy of: Bernardaud

The name of the collection is “In Bloom”, quite fitting! Peled enjoyed a residency at the Manufacture Bernardaud where she got a chance to observe Bernardaud’s craftsmen and understand the complexity behind making fine porcelain.

Peled was extremely interested in figuring out how to decorate the objects and spent time alongside an expert who had more than thirty years of experience. Peled learned to perform the quick, precise gestures necessary to perfectly control the brush’s pressure which was necessary to achieve her desired result.

The artist at her Los Angeles studio.
Image courtesy of: CFile Online

From afar, the “In Bloom” collection shows flowers. However, if you slow down enough to take a closer look, you will see the cohesive image dissolve into Peled’s lively brush marks. Here, Peled wordlessly asks you to take a deep breath, slow down, and look until you truly see.

Zemer Peled for Bernardaud

Video courtesy of: Vimeo

“In Bloom” translates Peled’s three-dimensional practice onto two-dimensional surfaces. Bernardaud’s porcelain vessels are the perfect platform for Peled’s work. She has always strived to capture the natural world’s movement. This perfection occurs as Peled works on her brushstrokes while the vessel is on a spinning wheel to create playful and exciting strokes!


Image courtesy of: Zemer Peled

In this collection, Peled plays with depth and perception, two recurring themes in her work.