Suzanne Lovell in front of “Two Circles” by Theaster Gates (2019) at Richard Gray Gallery Warehouse.
Photo by Katrina Wittkamp


You may not prepare quite as extensively for EXPO as the team at Suzanne Lovell Inc. does – they work year-round, meeting with galleries and previewing works to better help clients navigate the show – but lucky for us, their expertise has been channeled into making the VIP lounges a rich environment from which to launch your own foray through the show. “The show has so much to see that people have visual overload,” says Lovell. “The lounge is a good place to talk to someone and take a breath and ask, ‘Did you like that piece?’ It’s that dialogue that gives the art intelligence.” Along with access to thoughtfully designed VIP lounges, invitation-only VIP status gives patrons a chance to go on studio visits, hear artist talks and attend insider educational events like an annual breakfast at MCA or the cocktail party that opens the exhibit at The Peninsula. “The one thing about the fair is that it’s authentic,” says Kathleen Rapp, managing director of VIP relations for EXPO. “It’s not just a party or a scene; it’s about the work and artists, and that draws people globally.”

September 19-22, Navy Pier,
Laura Hine