Ocean HomeFebruary 2021

A curated selection of furnishings and artwork for a coastal living room by interior designer Suzanne Lovell

Elements of a light and bright living space, styled by Suzanne Lovell

“The perfect coastal living room is a sanctuary that is light and bright, and that brings joy to any gathering. Elegant silhouettes, a unique expression of materials, and a curated combination of textures create an environment everyone can enjoy.”

  1. Gabriella Chair by Vladimir Kagan, Ralph Pucci
    This sculptural chair shares an elegant shaped bronze silhouette with a comfortable and perfectly postured seat.
  2. Mark Francis, Light Time, Oil on Aluminum, 2019, Kerlin Gallery
    Mark Francis is a Northern Irish contemporary painter known for blurring tones and forms to make photographic effects of glowing light.
  3. Dusk Sconce by Alison Berger, Holly Hunt
    This sconce has a black sterling steel patina and hand-carved crystal lens. It reproduces a golden, amber light comparable to the time of day just before the sun sets.
  4. Totem Fabric by Christian Astuguevieille, Pierre Frey
    French polyglot Christian Astuguevieille collaborated with textile company Pierre Frey to produce a collection that features surrealistic “imaginary writing,” Astuguevieille’s signature motif. The result is playful yet elegant when translated to exquisite, handcrafted embroidery on linen.
  5. Circular Yacht Table, Soane
    Inspired by a client’s yacht, this sleek, engineered table design is done in limited oak with a turned base, cast bronze, and metal bandings.
  6. Mad Armchair by Pierre Yovanovitch, R and Company
    The French interior designer is a master of volume and proportion. This example of French craftsmanship embodies a sense of joie de vivre.
  7. Fertility Form Illuminated Sculpture by Rogan Gregory, R and Company
    This illuminated standing sculpture, made from gypsum, casts a warm glow while providing an organic and tactile element to the space.